There Might be a Reason

I thought I would give an explanation for why I’m writing this blog. I realize this is weird since I don’t even know what it’s about at this point and I’m quite sure that no one could possibly be reading it yet. However, I wanted to at least get this out there, if for no other reason to track my views on this blog over time.

The impetus for this blog, the reason that I logged on to WordPress late at night and created an account, was that I couldn’t find any good blogs. I mean, I follow one or two blogs that I really like, but I felt that I needed more and I couldn’t find anything that seemed to work for me. Blogs I looked at were either boring (not about subjects I was interested in), over my head (a lot of the tech and geek blogs that expect you to know everything), or offensive to me (the women’s blogs that only talk about how to score guys, use guys, and then look for someone better).

I’m not sure if dissatisfaction with my internet searching skills is a particularly good reason to start a blog, but that’s how it goes.

Another part of the reason for the blog was that I was really tired. And because of this my inner critic (who should have been nagging me about looking before I leap) was nodding off when I signed up for this. (This is probably a bigger factor than the previous one.)

So, not the best reasons to be doing this. Before this blog started up, I had a whole host of reasons to start a blog, and all sorts of things that I wanted to do with it. But now they’re just gravy on the fact that I now have a blog and am writing in it.

Just so everyone is clear, this was not my New Year’s resolution. But you’re welcome to think that if it makes you feel better.


Hello World





and I hear that I might be learning Assembly