Quick Read

So the other day I found myself wandering around my university’s bookstore. I didn’t really find anything that I wanted enough to fork over money for it, so I just wrote down the title of anything I thought looked interesting. I thought that I’d check them out of the library later and see if they were any good.

One of the books that I looked at was a cheap gritty fantasy paperback. I had glanced through a few pages and it looked relatively interesting, if not particularly original. I found out later it was from a long series of books with the same characters.

Well, I was still thinking of the book after I got out of class later that day. So I wandered back into the bookstore to take another look at it. One thing lead to another after that, and at some point I made the transition from casually perusing it to sitting in a corner and devouring it.

I took me five hours, five straight hours, to read through the whole thing. Cover to cover. No breaks. It was 300 pages, so I guess I must have been doing a page a minute.

I kind of lost myself in that book. At the end of it, I was sore from sitting in the same spot and upset that I had lost so much time when I was supposed to be studying. But I was also really pleased. Since I came to college, I have had the tendency to read only parts of a book before moving on. Or, even worse, avoiding books entirely and getting my fill of reading from online sources (blogs, fanfiction, news sites, etc). It felt really nice to just mow through a book like that. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and junior high and I had enough free time to go through a couple of books a week.

I really do need to get into the habit of reading more.

P.S. – Speaking of books, I’m writing this just before the LA Times Festival of Books. I’m very excited to go. :)


Book Wishlist – Dating for Nice Girls

I want a dating book for nice girls.

I mean, there are plenty of dating books for women who tease, flirt and/or sleep around. I want something for someone who thinks that they don’t have to put their sexuality out there in order to get a guy. A book that talks about ethics in dating and not just ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’ and ‘tricks’.

And at the same time, I don’t really want some sort of completely puritan book either. I don’t need to hear arguments for arranged marriages at 14 or how I should marry the first guy I kiss. I don’t want to be sequestered until my wedding day. I want actual dating.

So I want a dating book for nice girls. A book that argues for abstinence¬† but doesn’t hit the reader over the head with it. A book that recommends ways to approach guys without messing with their hearts or leading them on. A book that knows that dating is about marriage, but also acknowledges that it can be about having fun as well.

The closest books I’ve seen are books like “Wait for Me” by Rebecca St James (which I didn’t enjoy that much) and “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris (which I really liked. Its sequel was okay as well). They’re very Christian, and I really love that. But sometimes I have a problem with their authors.

How much can I really trust dating/not dating advice from someone who’s holding themselves for someone special? But then again, how can you not? I want to take the high road to dating; the one that leaves both me and my boyfriend with nothing but great things to say about our relationship even after we’ve broken up. I don’t want dating to have to be something to toss around casually. But I also don’t want it to be something that is never an option or that comes with so many restrictions that I can’t really enjoy.

And maybe I’m making differentiations that don’t really exist. Maybe it really is all or nothing; either I have amoral and exciting relationships or I get the righteous and hands-off ‘hold out for a sign’ waiting.

Is it possible to walk the tightrope between those two? Or is it inevitable that I’ll fall to one side?