I’m Not Dead Yet!

A cookie to anyone who knows what the title is referencing.

Anyway, this is just an announcement post to say that I haven’t entirely abandoned this blog. I do, in fact, want to continue this thing. Maybe not in it’s current form, but I feel that this is something I should do (even if no one stops by to read it, but I’m kind of adopting the ‘Fake it until you make it’ philosophy on that point).

I’m almost done (perhaps as close as a month away) from finishing up my college (undergraduate) career. I wanted to say a few things more as a college student, and then start chronicling my transition into adult (or at least independent) life.

I’m taking some time off at the beginning of August to get my head straight about my life. We’ll see what I can get done during that time.

Expect another post sometime soon.