Here are a few books that I’ve referenced in the blog and/or recommend and/or just finished reading:

Green with Envy by Shira Boss

  • Full title: “Green with Envy – Why Keeping up with the Joneses is Keeping Us in Debt”. This was one of the first personal finance books that I read. Before this, I hadn’t thought about the fact that income levels and spending levels don’t necessarily have to be correlated. This book is very readable, since it’s mainly told from the author’s own experiences and from interviews (if I remember correctly). It, at some point, references The Millionaire Next Door.

The Millionaire Next Door

  • It’s a classic. Many other finance books that I’ve read reference it directly. A lot of others take it’s concepts even if they don’t quote it. The book is mostly written as a summary of a sociological study done in the 60’s to look at the habits of wealthy people. This means that it is relatively dry, but I would still say that it’s worth it. The key take away from the book. is that most rich people were those who might not necessarily have a large income, but who spent below their means so that they saved much more than they earned.

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